Pinky TA 6

Ozoneocean on Oct. 30, 2006

Page description:
The cover to Part 6 of the Pinky TA story!

Ok, the last storyline has come to a close, but I'm calling this Part 6 anyway because that's just how I do things. I love this cover, unlike the next page, this only took a couple of short hours to knock up. I reckon it looks like a poster for a 1960's war movie or something… Staring John Wayne and George C Scott in “Rommel the Desert Rat of Tobruk”! Hahahaha!
The middle bit of this pic come from a painting I did early in my art student days. It's painted with acrylic on canvas, the wooden frame came readymade from the wall of a house that'd been knocked down, so it's bloody heavy. The whole thing is about 2 feet wide by about 7 feet long. The tanks are based on the German WW2 Panzer IV, (the ones in the story will be a little bit more modified though).

Ok, this page didn't take long to make but the next one did. That's going up tomorrow. Pink Skin, my other Pinky comic, has also been updated, FINALLY!