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Ozoneocean on Nov. 14, 2006

Page description:
Finally catching up to her tank column, Pinky finds herself overwhelmed by the dust and smoke kicked up in their wake, so that she's unable to ride atop the cupola any longer. She duck inside and shuts the hatches, followed by a shower of grit. Deciding to rely totally on Collin's driving skills, she looks to assuage the boredom of the coming hours with a friendly card game.

Hmm, I got bogged down with details� Drawing interiors is fun, but you have to know what exactly fills the inside of a tank, AND were it all is. This tank is pretty big inside. ^_^
The difference in colouring is always a pain too: bright and harsh VS dull and subdued. It's a pain.

I go for Jury duty tomorrow! So I may not even have a rough page ready to go on Wednesday…

THat's Pinky's current outfit, see the a few more pics of her in it in my Pinky Gallery.