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Ozoneocean on Jan. 22, 2007

Page description:
Pinky gives her crew a bit of a telling off, they give HER a bit of a telling off in return, and then she tells them to try the radio. While Betty and Dave are busy, Pinky lets on to Collin a little something about her background… And then ALL of a sudden Betty and Dave are out of the tank again because they can't even work the radio. So Pinky climbs in to have a go, followed by Betty, on the way in she tears her pants open on the gun breech or something…

I really did forget how to colour here. I had to keep on redoing it until I was semi happy with it. And even then I simplified it in a lot of places. Ironically this was going to be a very simple page of talking heads but… I suppose I'm just not very good at this sort of thing or it wouldn't take so long. I'm very sorry for the delay. And for anyone who's confused- Betty is a woman, she's just one of those really big tough gals who can smash coconuts with their bare hands.

HPK's Shoomfy has a cameo in here, see if you can find it! Learn about Shoomfy here.

Oh yeah, I did a really naughty fan art pic for Tea Green's really naughty and really funny comic LOVEMAGIC a while ago. Click on the name and look through the pages to find it, but be WARNED, it is NOT for young eyes, safe for work, virgins, priests or unmarried people bellow the age or 25! Ha! Well, maybe not that bad, but be warned ok?