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Ozoneocean on Feb. 17, 2007

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Pinky Tells them to get going and they do. They remove packs and water from the side boxes on the tank, walk around the ridge and get on the tracks of the tracks! They walk for a bit and complain about the heat. Pinky tells them off and then decides it really is too hot to keep going, (their bags are bigger). She flops down and rips her pants again, on a dead branch this time.

This one was much easier to colour, maybe I've got my Mojo back? I even did a couple of blurry shots for effect here just to try something different. I had a great simplified colour method worked out here too, that was nice.


-Two great new Pinky Pics this time! One of both Pinky and Cc done with Gial as cute chibi avatars by Aurora Moon! And a valentines pic by Wingnut of Aquired taste! Pinky gets flowers ^_^.

-Hey! Visit the new Pinky TA forum.

- Code for the latest version of the black and white templates are here.