Part 7 page 6

Ozoneocean on Sept. 18, 2007

Page description:
Elements of the Italian forces have rebelled and have joined with the Crimean's enemies, the French. Italian ships are shelling those of the Crimean's, along with the Libyan palace. Inside the palace chaos is rife, loyalist and rebel Italian troops are fighting with each other as well as the Crimeans. Those who can are escaping via the subway. Pinky emerges from the chaos and finds a weapon to defend herself with.

This should be spot on time as well since I finished it on Sunday! If you're confused by the story here I hope it at least looks exciting. That sub machine-gun is yet another anachronism, but the ppsh-41 is the perfect looking weapon for Pinky, especially with that dress. …I NEVER liked Tommy guns either, so the ppsh-41 is MUCH better.

Ah well, Pinky's popularity has suddenly curtailed… I'm not sure why, but there it is, it had to happen eventually. And I'm not so sick anymore, which is not bad. It tastes a little like blood when I cough, but I'm coughing a LOT LESS! Plus, that seems the only aspect of my illness that I still have, so it's all good ^_^

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Kim Vilimek, who I used to do some collaboration with on Pinky TA ideas in 2000-03, has put up some Pinky TA stuff on her comic here at DD: Side Note. She also has her own comic here called Hexx. Check them out. ^_^