Pinky TA 8: Page 19

Ozoneocean on March 31, 2020

Page description:
Pinky and the trompers mount a counterattack!

My last page was from a YEAR ago! OMG! hahaha
And on that one I said I'd colour with my Cintiq and not the tablet this time… Well I didn't do that. Der…

Well so much has happened since last I posted! The world is in a weird state with global plague. Something like this has never happened in the living memory of anyone. All those who suffered through the Spanish Flu are dead now… But even before then the entire world wasn't equally affected at the same time like it is now. Wherever we are on the planet, humans are all experiencing the same thing together. Weird, isn't it?

Our Quackcast today is actually all about that too and Pit Face joins us, have a listen :D