6:15 Carnage

Zeph on July 23, 2011

Yo, update time. I'm pretty set on rewriting plastic bullets with all original characters. Several reasons for doing that. One, I don't seem to update PB enough as is in this point of the game. Since The Duck coming into existance drive to work on it has been pretty low. The fan base seems pretty much dead, going from several comments a page, to 2, theres no way to tell how well the comic is doing because of the stats being fucked up.
 So I figured I might as well transfer to a new host, since DD has pretty much spiraled itself down a toilet. I'd of originally transfered over PB, but I figured it doesn't pay, then I'd be reuploading pages that have Max in them, and will have to go through the whole thing again with why Max left. And I really don't feel that is the best choice, nor do I want to be reminded any more of the character and issues behind it.
 Figured this is a good time for a new start and a rewrite, given I'll be starting fresh on a new site regardless. The only thing I've noticed on the new duck now, is I finally know how many favorites there are of pb, and that seems to be going down.
Once I start working on the rewrite I'll pq anyone who's interested the new site it'll be hosted on, as well as it's new name.