My Inspiration

Zeph on Aug. 14, 2011

Got back from Airsofting this weekend. Finally got that organized so we went up to my friend's land and duked it out over a flag.
My bro and I managed to win one of the rounds by killing the merc taking the flag, and booking ass.
Anyway figured I'd post a picture of my inspiration for plastic bullets.
Also the new plastic bullets is on it's way! 40 pages into the sketching of it, when I hit 50 I plan to start inking.
Though this version of PB is dead. The New Plastic Bullets features a 100% original cast, no borrowed characters. No more will PB be some horrible fangasm.
I hope all you who still loyally read PB will be satisified with the new one.

Also if you're wondering, I'm the one in the middle kneeling with both guns pointing at the camera.