SaraKpn on Sept. 2, 2016

Rescue mission engaged!
So sorry for the long wait. The talent hunt was very big important step for me and forced me to deal with too many insecurities and self-doubt I didn't think I had. It was very draining. I think it caused a little burn-out. But I'm fully recovered and ready to go.
Good news is I won first place in the talent hunt I'll be getting a year's work at www.topcow.com. This means Pokémon won't always continue at a regular pace. This is just a free time practice comic after all, though I do want to see it finished.
Also, please commission me for art to keep me alive, info here: http://sarakpn.deviantart.com/journal/Taking-commissions-Help-me-survive-631342565
Thanks for your understanding.

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