Chapter 1 - Page 3

feedmefood on Dec. 22, 2007 again. I know I said I'd try to update frequently but I guess I failed, because I was sent away from my beloved computer to study hard and get perfect scores on all my tests. But that probably doesn't matter… And really, it doesn't. I'm just stalling. Don't kill me.

Oh, man! All my hard (pathetic) coloring work ruined by the speech bubbles (which contain poor dialogue anyway, which is mostly the reason why I got lazy with the updating, aside from the fact that drawing hands takes five minutes off my life every time I try and obviously PHAIL XP I mean, can you see Gary's deformed little thumb in the fourth panel?)!

That hand on panel 2 looks worse than it is. Really. I'm sorry Gary looks completely disfigured and is not even recognizable as Gary. I'm sorry the angles are all wrong and the coloring is worse than the last page's. I know sorry won't change anything, but I'm sorry anyway :c

And eep! Gary's eye color changed! It will be this color from now on. (WHY am I SO inconsistent?!)

spaceyoshix: Thank you for the 5! :)

MetalLuigi: Thanks! This page doesn't have very creative backgrounds, though, in fact that creepy ‘fence’ in panel 2 is killing me slowly…

Chaz McRich: Thank you for the fave (and the catchphrase? XD), and it's no problem!

Thank you so much for the comments, and advanced Merry Christmas to everyone! ^^