{Under Reconstruction}

SquishyNinja on Jan. 6, 2010

Hi all. Still remember this comic? I doubt you would.
I haven't updated this comic for about 5 months. Many of you may wonder why? Well, what had happened was, my laptop, being the JERK that it is, deleted many random files of mine. One of these random files it deleted happened to be a folder where I put EVERYTHING for this comic. FFFFFFFFFFFF-
But now I've fixed it. You see, the problem is that I no longer have a clear direction with this comic. BIG SURPRISE …
SO. I am now re-vamping Pokemon Lithium. I'm still keeping the same premise (big aftermath of war, Children of Destiny, etc), but this time I'm gonna take a bit more time explaining what needs to be known, as well as remaking many of the sprites. So, I hope you all can wait another long while.