Chapter 1: A hero's Quest!

Kaito Kun on March 25, 2007

Here's the main cast on the chapter 1 cover. Kaito, Tai, Kaito's two little sisters (twins) Holly, and Haley, Celia, and Eduardo. Torchic is Kaito's, Mudkip is Eds, and Treecko is Celia's. I know it's clich but there'll be a special way they receive their pokemon so it won't be to cliche. Holly's pokemon is Pluse, and Haley's is a Minun. Sorry for him, he'll be the only main character not to receive a pokemon yt. I'm taking suggestions for what his pokemon should be. I'm thinking Poochyena, but you guys can pick. 5 imaginary bucks for whoever can guess the legendary in the background. This was sorta rushed, so sorry! I remembered to ink it this time thank goodness! And I can't wait to have the first battle which will pop up towards the end of the chapter, so you'll have to wait to see my fighting skills.