Comic #134: Get Out of Jail Free

MysteriousJeff on Jan. 1, 2020

So, how about that new year?

I don't exactly keep it a secret that how I am at most given times is… someone who has trouble living her life. Especially with 2019 being a big year in terms of “circumstances making it very clear that i'm too sick to work” which has been… a huge blow to my self-esteem naturally.

Anyway, for how that connects to my comic I'm obviously posting this on… I don't know why PYC's story stuck with me all that time. Even when I wasn't working on it. I suppose it is from its ties to special interest, but as other Pokémon stories I've thought of over the years I've discarded, I can't say why PYC persists… but that it does is why this arc has seen any resolution at all, that people besides me can finally see the group's adventures past the jail scene, so long as I keep up the current update streak, of course.

Do I have aspirations for PYC & a few other comic ideas I want to achieve this year? Of course I do! There's many goals I want to happen. But I also I guess, want my life situation to also improve too… and it's so tiring to have very little power over it, to have it drain my energy to put into the art goals, if the past decade was any indication. It's easy to just feel like “I just have to somehow work past this. It's all about strength of will”, but ignoring your limits, even if your limit level is distressing to think about, it really gets to you.

I feel my overall point is, the current update streak was only possible with my spouse (undoubtedly they are the good and positive presence in my life throughout what was otherwise a hell decade) figuring out something that would work with what I can handle, the monthly updates. So don't be afraid to space out your updates, make things a little easier on yourself, especially in this day and age where the spaces you still have the freedom to make things easier on yourself become fewer and fewer. I do genuinely hope your next decade goes well for you, even if you haven't read this long text wall, ha ha.

(And for anyone even still reading here, thank you as well, especially since DD is where PYC started, after all!)