Gang of Thieves

crifmer on March 26, 2008

Updates Monday and Thursday

Unfortunately, this one and Monday's comic are a little rushed. I'm doing that Bark Hollow community comic, and my page has arrived, so I'm drawing like fury. On top of that, it's tech week for the show I'm in, so life is just a little busy at the moment. It's just a community theater show, if you were wondering, but it's going to be a good little thing. Looking forward to opening tomorrow.

CAMEO!!! ZOUNDS!!!! The cameo and injoke goodness continues. The last panel features three intrepid hunters of the supernatural from the pages of Grin ‘n’ Spirit. Astute readers might now be able to figure out who's behind all this.

And if you can't spot the injoke, go leaf through Salt the Holly. And even if you can't spot the injoke then, you'll have at least read a good comic.

EDIT: I can't get links to work in the comments. Can someone learn me some page editing mojo?