crifmer on June 10, 2008

Updates every Wednesday.

Today's update was just an excuse to draw that second panel. I wanted to put a lolrus in there somewhere but never could find a place. A creative dry spell certainly seems like a good place. ;)

I'm starting to get the hang of the brush pen. I don't think it was intended for post-it sized panels, though. I might have to invest in regular pens of varying sizes for straight lines, but I still really like the brush pen. The strip came out better than it looks in person, so I guess it's starting to work out for me.

This comic inspired me to keep the alien on as a Posted character. Look for him again in two weeks. :)

I'm writing this before my vacation in Vegas, so here's hoping I won money. I'll let you guys know in the comments tonight when I get back. ;)

I also realized that while this is comic #43, this is page 50. How 'bout that… a fake milestone. ;)