Battery Powered - Title

Helena_Markos on April 5, 2009

It's been over a year, but I decided to revive this project. Mostly because I miss drawing these broads, but also because they're a fun break from the normal freelance work (and many folks have been asking for a sequel to that first three pager that I did.)

This story has been done since last February, but time constraints have been keeping me away from it. I found that I need to make time for my own thing, so I'm setting a goal of 1 page every 2 weeks for the girls. This title page was a little something to get me back in the habit of drawing them.

The Power Puff Girls belong to Cartoon network
Power Puff Go! is the sloppy drunk brainchild of yours truly, northstar333 and wicked-oni

Art by C. Larsen 2009
Written by Northstar333