Nobody`s a nobody

Tinkerbell on June 17, 2007

ATTENTION: This is the last page of the Drunken Scribblings which will be posted to a Drunk Duck website. If you like me or my comic enough to continue reading, the new site at is now active, please use it.

My reason for doing this is that it means all my hits/visits are in one place and thus easy to collect data on. I am sorry to be leaving the Drunkduck community so soon after joining it, but I'll still be around… (you won't get rid of me this easily, KAM ^_–)

What a page to go out on, as well, hm? despite the fact it only took me an hour and a half to draw, I'm really pleased with it. And yes, that's KAM's trunk in the back of panel 3 there (again). Please don't hurt me, Hogan, you know *why* it's there ^_–

(KAM of the KAMics: (I think))

See you on the new site!