55 - Completely Rational

Jillers on March 4, 2007

I have a completely rational reason for hating the Disarono commercial. And this is it. I couldn't figure it out the first million times I saw it, but upon the million and first time, I realized the back bar was full of Disarono, and NO OTHER ALCOHOL.

For those not bar savvy, let me clarify that when you look at all the alcohols behind the hot bartender (who, also, looks like a turd in the commercial, and a pervert. A perverted turd) you should see very pretty bottles with various colored liquids in them, which are representative of all the alcohol they serve, and if it's not, then that is, in fact, all the alcohol they serve. And, usually, vary in price from shelf to shelf. Regular college student affordable prices are in easy reaching distance, or low, and the high end fancy stuff is “top shelf” kind of quite literally. And are expensive.
At least, in my half awake stupor back in the drunk old days, this is what I remember hearing, and could be completely false. But don't correct me because I've built my whole sense of reality around it, and to destroy that would just be mean.

Sorry this is up 3 days late, but my scanner decided to take a vacation. Now that it's working, my USB drive has decided it doesn't want to charge my iPod. Ah, the lemonyness of modern technology.

Now to do yoga!