Punk-Pink Prologue! Page 79

Hapoppo on Feb. 2, 2009

Iz: Arrh arrh arrrrrh arrh backstory argh arrh!

Bast: Bla bla bla plot point bla bla bla bla!

Seriously, this is probably the most text I've ever beat into five frames.

Well, anotyher Ohayocon has come and gone, and as with every other year it's been a blast. That's not counting the hoardes of rabid anime nerds (Who I've noticed have been getting a bit better each passing year with their hygeine, so if you fall into that category, congratulations. Mr. Clean would be proud, and no, I don't care that he makes bathroom cleaning chemicals.), annoying unscheduled sales floor closings (I need my Digi Charat DVDs NOW, darn it!), and getting lost in the city… I'll definitely need a vacation after my vacation.

Zephyrion: Yeah, I'm usually pretty bad about sound effects. Like how even the swords use silencers. But, to my credit, Watchmen didn't use any sound effects and it still made the New York Times best seller list.

Mushroomcomix: Aah yes, the typical excuse.

Omegatau: Or a rabid badger in the trousers.

Emily Elizabeth: See, you can't have a few pirates with piratey accents without at LEAST one “Krabby Patty” joke. You just can't.

Gabe Puratekuta: Good… bad… she's the one with the gun.

PIT_FACE: It's the neck, right? You know, having a neck like that can actually come in handy.

kittygrl: He died a pirate's death: with a bottle of grog heading towards his mouth.

JustNoPoint: Yeah, I think it works better with the goofy atmosphere.

Selective Apathy: I like to think that Tenkyo's just a very caring person, even to her enemies. Plus, she's a bit of an airhead.

Aghammer: Indeed. Poor jerk never saw it coming.

nekodragon: It's the smart thing to do. Don't need any annoying good guys interrupting your monologue… oh, wait. Tenkyo's the good guy.