massimospiga on March 2, 2007

Second round: Legion. The countdown has begun (watch out the Kabbalah Meter on every chapter page…). There's no need to blind yourself reading the text on the above image: here's the transcription from the pages of Dr. Howard Reich's research diary.

“I can't sleep anymore.
The research goes on and we keep on stockpiling astonishing amounts of data, knowledge's crude poetry. Even if the smallest part of my theories is correct, I'm convinced that the vast majority of this wretched country would rather tear their eyes out than meditate on my science and its meaning. The government opted to fund my studies: secrecy required, maximum deniability assured. This dull bureaucracy applauds my vision and smells the opporunity to develop new war technologies: not bad for a ”communist jew“, as they say. Doctor Freud studied the same phenomena which gave birth to the core of my theory, labeling them an ”oceanic experience“. But he fears it and his fundamentalist rationalism cannot possibly accept its extraordinary implications. Because the human psyche is not a threefold entity, but the sum of eight neurological systems that recapitulate the evolution of our species. The dilemma is that, as we journeyed beyond the fifth system, aided by drugs, isolation, hypnosis and less merciful means, we found the door to an anomalous type of intelligence.
And we cannot dare to call it human.

Dr. Howard Reich,
Berlin, 1937”