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KingRidley on Oct. 1, 2008

First off, let me link you to the comic that started this whole thing.


It's another comic that I think shows how good sprite comics can really be. It's not the best out there, but it's what got me started on this whole thing.

Only things you really need to know to get this fan comic:

1. Samus Aran and Kraid frequently explore planet “Zebeth” looking for missiles, interesting enemies, etc. When they get bored, they go back to Ridley's Bar and use Zebethian Dollars (health points with the center poked out) to buy as much booze as they can drink.

2. If you've ever read the Metroid Manga (which this comic follows heavily), then you know what happened to Samus as a kid. Apparently, she doesn't. She holds no grudges against anyone involved.

3. Samus is constantly either insulting or blasting Kraid with missiles. She has serious anger management problems, constantly losing her cool and going on minion genocides.

4. Kabutroid (who rarely appears in this fancomic) is the resident “author” of planet Zebeth. While he does follow alot of sprite comic/author cliche`s, his existence is justified by claiming that Zebeth is a fancy Metroid Emulator.

5. In the original comic and most fancomics this was pretty much how they all began.

As other details become important, I will post them.

Now recently I went back and remade all of my comics so that they would look alot better. When I post the first Youtube video related to the series then you'll get a good look at exactly what kind of suck plagued the comic in its younger days. This comic does not try to be funny, and is heavily plot based.

I absolutely loved making it.