Shadow- Goth

BloodTh on Nov. 14, 2007

Shadow, the demon of truth, as a goth. This is hoe I'm going to draw him in Demon of Darkness. I know I missed the red parts around his eyes, I noticed to late to fix it. If Shadow is the Demon of Truth, anyone wanna guess who the Angel of Lies will be?

“Being the Demon of Truth is a tough job. You can never give out the truth freely! You can only tell someone if they are right or not! It's also so camn boring! Mostly I just get idiots thinking they discovered the true meaning of life! And, incidentally, you're the only one who ever got it right, it's the love of those closest to you, and protecting them with all of your strength!”
-a personal qoute from Shadow, the Demon of Truth, talking with Blood, the Demon of Darkness.