Important Announcement!

Euron on Nov. 19, 2010

Anyway, GOOD NEWS EVERYONE. And by Good news, I mean Sad, sad, terrible, awful news Everyone.
Unfortunately, all of these pages you love will be gone.
But now for some REAL good news! They'll be replaced with even /BETTER/ pages! I'll be sure to keep LOTS of the pages EXACTLY the same. Hell, I may just leave the first few in. I just need to redo the sprites so they aren't horrible recolors and actually /ORIGINAL/, as well as learn to make effects. >o> Fun.
It'll all be worth it however. :3
I also have to work more on the story, cause honestly, I have NO idea where I was going with this /AT ALL/. I was pretty much trying to force a storyline with people being kidnapped. :/
To any faithful fans I may or may not still have after not uploading for well over a YEAR, I promise, IT SHALL BE BETTER THAN IT IS NOW. ;D
So with that said, I believe I'll be on my way to do that stuff. :>