4- late brawl(selections)

mastachaos on April 8, 2008

I missed a few weeks, 2 to be honest, but the reason is a respectable, understandable, and on no bolder form an excuse than an an elaborate cover up, to mask my lazyness, I was playing brawl. LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!
To be honest I can go into detail on the reasons I haven't updated in words, but thats boring, so I'll just do several strips on why it took three weeks to update. This weeks reason, finding a new character. Behind this, a story is in order. pass this point If you don't care, please stop reading and just rate, or comment or whatever. You've been warned….

The day before Brawl in America, there was a tournament at best buy in noho(lets say bleeker street for my fellow new yorkers) so having nothin better to do to kill time til I could pick up my pre-order-two-days-in-advance brawl copy. I decided to go, I wanted an whole army to come with me, however a problem came that shut down that plan, you had to be 18 to participate. Nowbeeing that most of my friends are only months from 18 they couldn't enter,One of my three comrades was not a fighting gamer,I finally found someone who was old enough to accompany me as competition that I knew. It said it started at 5 p.m. so trying to be mr. genius I said I'll get there by 2 and be on the front of the line.
My stupidity for doubting the smash community that Melee has built, was coming to the store in the rain only to be greated by a line that spanned the whole block, then curved to make a complete circle. I saw a few friends that had crossed my mind to call, but that wasn't important cuz I knew I had to get my own damn spot in line, so I turn the corner and see the end of the line(at the time) so I casually sprint there, only to be pulled down to the floor by my comrade I actually called to accompany me. It seemed since his school was so close to the best buy,he got there around 1, so Thankfully I got a somewhat decent, spot in line. So waiting, surrounded by fellow smash players, we got to talking, which helped pass the time that the line didn't move, yet kept getting longer, (in the rain mind you) It became clear that we would not be getting in the tournament for the limit was 256 of some crappy number like that. So One dude proposed that we say screw this tournament and just chill at his place until brawls midnight release via gamestop, so we journeyed to this dudes place(which I found out was only a few stops from my house go figure) so from 7 to 11 pm we played Melee for the last time until brawl, at some random dudes house(but screw it its smash bros.) which afterwards, being the only one of the three of us( Dial( the random kid), Jarvis(my comrade) and myself) that had brawl reserved at a gamestop that actually had the midnight release, we journeyed to parkchester to pick up the game at 11;30. It is here that I come in contact with my friends who couldn't come to the tournament, waiting in line, one of which was first in line(damn u david). Cutting to the point, after picking up the game, instead of heading home and getting some sleep for the sociology class later that day, I decided to journey back to Dial's house at 12:15 am and play brawl. Well worth it, yet we spent several hours…hell 3/4 of the time I stayed at his house trying out characters to find our starting mains. My old main Shiek was near total trash, and the simple changes of her Fair(foward air attack) not being death incarnate anymore caused me to try out Lucas. Exceeding expectations, Lucas played beautifully for me. Long story short, I'm using someone who when go to a tourny, I rarely(only once) have a mirror match. Yay PK Fire.