Announcement... yet again.

Aurenna on Oct. 3, 2008

Hello everyone again!

So sorry about the delay, I haven' t been able to do anything much that I actually like, with all that' s been happening (artificial teeth and the bone they are attached to are slowly disappearing, getting a driving licence that finally I did, some hospital demanding money which we don' t know if it' s valid, and a couple other things aside the usual school stuff… if you are interested).

Now even though I had no time to draw, I did have the time to daydream and think over the story of RealmWorld. Thus I met the decision to restart it much further ahead in the course of events and this time in colour. Watercolours mainly, to be precise, if you take a look at my dA site you will see it in my older works.

The pages I have now will most probably return as flashback pages; I' m fairly sure about this though not 100%. Luckily for now they didn' t reveal that much aside that Hazel doesn' t like roasted lizards whereas kobolds do. ;P

So, RealmWorld will return in a couple weeks; this time with colours, a story that is more than the spur of the moment, and proper title pages.

About this picture; I took Aquarell classes this semester. We get photoes and we have to paint them. Now usually I need about 6-10 hour for the lineart and another 6 hours for the colouring process. All I have now are 2 hours all together… and it' s a very useful experience.

Thank you so much for your patience and support!