42 - Happy Halloween

reboundcomic on Oct. 30, 2006

So this is my attempt at the Halloween Cameo Caper. I decided to do it late in the process and did not start drawing it until Saturday. I tried to challenge myself artistically a few places with mixed results. There are a few flaws to the art. The actual piece was bigger than my scanner and I had to scan to halves and piece it together. That is why there are a few discolorations.

As for my characters, I am not totally satisfied with their costumes. If you can't tell Billy is dressed as Magnum P.I., Fletcher is Hulk Hogan, Sebastian is a pirate and Jaye is a devil. In hindsight I should have made Sebastian and Jaye more unique.

As for the pary goers, these are my interpretations of some of my favorite web comic characters. Some are close to the original and some are more in my art style. I am not completely happy, especially with the characters more to the rear. Going left to right they are supposed to be: Al (Heart Shaped Box*), The Spiky Haired One (Shiny Things*), Rob (Rob and Elliot), Pintsize (Questionable Content), Jeremy (Matriculated), Mr. Eglamore (Gunnerkrigg Court*), El Scorcho (One Man Knife Fight), Super Dan (Bad Guy High*), Dead Cat (Shiny Things*) and the Viking (According to Plan*).

An * means they are a Drunk Duck comic and you should check them out. I really wanted to add more characters, but just ran out of time.

BTW I am building up a nice archive again and may be back to two a week updates.