Welcome to Roadkill Valley

Coyotejeff on June 28, 2010

I'm Back. This is the official first Roadkill Valley strip as it appeared in A.D.D. Theater #25. I was still experimenting with a lot of things back then. Coyote and Javelina look more angular and abstract than they would become. The scenery is done in a style that I no longer use but, looking back, I see some things I kind of liked and might start re-incorporating in my new strips.

There is even a flash version of this strip here: http://roadkillvalley.com/html/rattlesnake_pass_1.html

Anyone who was familiar with my old strip knows that my writing tends to be better than my art but I'm very happy with what RKV has become. Its look and characters is very much “me”.

Now a special welcome to my new readers. My old strip “A.D.D. Theater” was never that big a hit. Mostly due to sporadic updating but Roadkill Valley will be updating every Tuesday! Whoohoo! Why Tuesday? It fits my schedule.