SHIMMY Coverpage

TiffyXD on Nov. 17, 2012

Well, here are the boys!: )
From left to right…
Meet Cooper: Our cute alien Tech genius. (I think he's drunk in this page though.T_T)
Ignomin:  Our mischief alien NightScare god, he's magical…and sexually aroused a lot._.
Korn:  Prince of the underworld….he hates it down there. He's ready to kickass on Earth though.
Kob:  Korn's very flamboyant brother. Don't be flattered by his cute look, he's actuallly the notorious grim reaper and actually not entirely right in his mind.
Tycoon:  This cute little guy is a very devious one, he loves playing with fire and blowing up s***.
(Will be posting soon, enjoy and be cautious, this comic might bite.)