IndigoScimitar on April 17, 2009

I'm oblivious to the webcomics world, it would seem. Guess there's already a proper webcomic (with a comic-sustained artist) called Snafu that has its own website and everything. Can't believe I missed that.

Worried about copyright issues now…can comics be copyrighted? You'd figure, eh? Looks like I might just have to create a new comic here, under a different name. Course, the drawings and whatnot would be the same, fret not.

Speaking of drawings, I wonder if people might get confused by my ever-changing drawing style. Just to let everyone know, what I add day-by-day could be either old comics or new ones~that's why there's a medley of the different styles. The current style is the big eyed people, which someone told me looks like the Doodlez guy…remember him?


Honestly, I didn't even notice until they mentioned it. And because of different body shapes and whatnot, I don't think I can be accused of copying him.

…I hope.