BIrthday Guest Submissions

Stickfodder on Sept. 21, 2009

Well I made a call out for guest comics as birthday presents. And Only two people stepped up to the bat, and that makes them better human beings then the rest of you. I recieved the top one from James Dyar who I believe is Ghostrunner, and the second one is from Cousac. And I'm thinking he has really underestimated just how psychotic Morgan really is. Morgan doesn't actually like to torture or kill people directly he prefers that people don't actually know that he's the cause for their misery. But killing Troy with a giant spike and then tying Trog to it? That's just plain sadistic… I approve.

And as for yesterday's comic I'd love to hear what people actually think about the character and background design and maybe some suggestions on how to improve them if anybody has any.