royduncan100 on Nov. 12, 2012

The new era of Saturday Morning begins here and now. I know many of you still miss the vnd comic but i can assure you that this new comic will be in the same style of hummor as vnd and surpass it ! we are starting from scratch with this comic but we will still be doing some of the old comic ad's and the cool stuff that i find in my travels. we will try to keep that stuff inbetween each of the issue's. More than any thing else we plan on having fun, fun, FUN!
   On the biz end of supercreep we are waiting for the estimates for the toys to be produced as well as doing an active search for agents to represent sc to tv & movies, whatever we can get to do it right. In the forth coming year we hope to devote a large chunk of change to web ad's and publishing/distribution of the comics, that means we want it to be in comic stores. Also we are looking at the possibility of taking on investors on this project but that is a very time consuming amount of work to research the in's and out's of that end of the biz.
   Long story short, my day job is destroying my soul and my body so i'm gonna go for it on this one! every thing is going to be possible with this comic!