royduncan100 on Aug. 4, 2013

I've got a couple of last minute things to do before i'm outta here and at the top of that list is all of my heartfelt thanks and love to those who have taken a couple of minutes out thier day over the years to stop by my pages and take a look and leave a comment. i love you guys! you are the reason i have stayed as long as i have. i have always tried to give you my best (or worst as the case may be ) and keep you entertained. now before i go we were in the process of having a cover contest that had to be canceled. before the contest was canceled we had one dedicated fan who sent in drawings the day after the contest was announced. i just could not consider things done here untill i showed him that i did see the drawings and i loved them! so i did some quick inks and colors on his pencils. i hope he likes it. this page is a dedication to him and you the readers of the villain next door, saturday morning, joe zombie and all of my works on the duck!