damehelsing on April 10, 2020

Ah! We're at the end of the chapter! The next chapter will be the final chapter for volume 2 and I'm pretty excited.
I hope this was… somewhat of a wholesome ending to this chapter? Y'know, jokes and smiles and big strong blonde women.

Anyway, as you know by now and if you don't know then now you will know, I will actually be taking hiatuses between chapters so I can create a buffer and be able to relax from time to time to avoid burn out and possibly creating a distaste for my webcomic because that is something that happens when things start to feel forced.
Also, if you have read any of my previous descriptions, you'll know that I did decide to take on a second webcomic and because of now working on two webcomics I decided that I will work on whatever one I want to, whenever I want to for comfort reasons and once again, burn out reasons.

I've been doing daily videos on my patreon for just $2 a month where you guys can watch me color in the pages to my second comic while listening to some boring BG music. However, these videos will be made public every Monday and Thursday :)

Also, if you vote for Scarred Eden on topwebcomics you will find out when this new webcomic comes out as well as see a tiny glimpse of each page created so far. :)
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