an extra Merry Christmas

damehelsing on Dec. 27, 2020

Hey guys! Just letting you know that I'm actually extending my hiatus until February.

Originally I was only gonna take December off and return in January but I actually made like 5% progress on Scorned during this month because I was busy trying to spend time working on things that would help me pay rent for this month and next month. I made four traditional pieces which I added on my shop and thankfully all sold:

I made two art prints of Scorned that I've added as well:

and I finally added my wooden pins of Scorned as chibis on my shop too:

and now I'm currently tied up with traditional commissions that I would love to finish and get all shipped out by December 30th or so, so I'm gonna be busy and hopefully January I'll get some more work done for Scorned, I know I'm definitely going to be slow as I try to work on more pieces to sell.

If you wanna check out my shop:
Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas or Holidays <3