Enghurrd on Feb. 19, 2018

And here we are with the last page for this first chapter! The mistery is (kinda) out and he has a name: Lou~! How many things does this old guy hides from the girls?
As I said before, I'll unfortunately have to take a long hiatus from the webcomic. It was magical and beautiful, and I loved every moment of it, but me and my girlfriend are trying to buy a house and open a b&b together, and this kind of things require all my time and attention. I tried to do both at the same time, but I kept delaying the webcomic or looking for a new house. For now, the important thing is our job, so I'll be on hiatus from the new chapters as long as it requires. In the meantime I'll keep drawing fanarts, illustrations and commissions from time to time… you can always follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or even on Facebook. Thank you for reading my comic, I hope I'll see you soon~!