014 (Before) Karaoke!: Door Ratings

Sei on July 13, 2010

…very subtle humour here…

My friend Zimmy, oi my friend Zimmy. It was pretty random as we were waiting to get our karaoke room. We were standing in the lobby and as other customers came through the door, he started shooting off numbers as people walked in- I soon caught on as I could clearly see their “hotness”. The first gal, yes, quite attractive, the second… well you get the idea. I laughed and said to him at that point: “I can't believe you just said that.”

And when he gave the rating when the guy walked through the door, I went into hysterical fits of laughter. :'D

He totally became more of a jerk/shallow dickwad/pervert when he came back from Japan- but that doesn't mean anything cuz I was like that before I even went :U.