Pyrophobia Page 14

DAJB on Jan. 26, 2015

This page illustrates the different relationships that Nickel and I have with our characters. In the original script that last panel showed Mackenzie crashing to the ground. (Well, you know how much I like to make my heroes suffer!) When he sent me the finished page, Nickel told me he'd changed it to allow Mackenzie to lower herself gently, because he didn't want to be responsible for breaking her bones!

What I like about Nickel's version is that we get to see Mackenzie using her flame-throwing power once more before the end of the story, and using it in a very different way to the way it was used previously. This is important, I think, given that her fire-wielding abilities are meant to be her defining super power.

All art, colours, lettering and bone-saving pyrotechnics are by E.C. Nickel!