508 - Side B

avsaroke on Feb. 12, 2019

Wow, what a surprise that Kiva and the twins aren’t happy about this, right? Almost like they don’t appreciate being manipulated and used to further someone else’s plans. Imagine that, Nox.

On a side note, Kiva’s genetic role is inspired by something that’s always fascinated me: The concept of Mitochondrial Eve. The idea that an entire species can be traced back to one specific individual (in the case of humans, a woman that existed roughly 200,000 years ago who all modern day people share their mitochondrial DNA with.) ((There’s also Y-Chromosome Adam, but he came onto the scene several thousand years after M. Eve. Can’t give you guys exact numbers because I’m getting different figure from different sources, but it’s definitely a cool thing to do some reading on if you’re interested.))