page 11

edbang on Aug. 18, 2009

After a three month hiatus we are back. The original excitement I had back in Easter eventually fizzled, and I kinda lost track of this comic. But it is always there in the back of my mind. I am happy when I get a page done.

I need to rethink the methodology in which this comic is produced, as you go along is not working for me. I think I will try to write the comic in 10 page chunks as this will not break the decade of the rosary.

The dullness I acheived was due to 3 layera of chicken scratches of yellow, orange and grey at 30% opacity and a 4th layer of brown at 30% opacity. I kinda like the effect. I tried to use a filter, but it made the file sizes like 400Kb… too big for my tastes.

And no mlai… the guys in suits are not super villains, and no, do they have super powers. 9_9;