Girls With SlingshOWNEDts~!!! Heh.

webcomics heh on Nov. 9, 2009

Listen up ladies. You don't have to gas on and on about how great you are A'IGHT!? A true bro* will have functioning eyes which are more than capable of taking it all in, unless of course if he's blind in which case he'll have to go all braille on your nipz.** If you want to go all Oprah/The View on someone's ass then just keep it amongst yourselves. TRUE MEN*** have much better things to do with their time. Like hexediting my Borderlands save to get that machine gun that shoots flaming knives.

*Sans the 'Mo of course.
**That actually sounds like a pretty good plan. I need to get myself a cane and some dark glasses.
***UH! double-up… UH! UH!