Chapter 1 Cover

Neilak20 on Jan. 14, 2006


Ok here's the deal, Chapter's 1 and 2 of SbH will most definitely be TOTALLY redrawn, mostly to fix story points and continuity. There were things I left out of the original pages, cause I was inexperienced and such (and didn't know what I was doing at the time.) SO those two chapters will be totally redone. Chapter 3 is in question, there's parts of it that I feel might look good with just re-shading, while other pages need to be totally redone; that chapter may wind up being a pick and choose job. I haven't looked much at what to do with Chapters 4 and 5, I know I will be keeping 6 the same, so I may just re-tone 4 and 5 and fix some text, resolution, and sizing issues to make it flow better.

I would post up the old chapters, but I'm still trying to figure out the new system and if I'd be able to post things before pages that have already been posted in the archive (that made sense right?)

Now, I'm starting a Job this next week, I will be working at CTC in the Photoshop Lab. Hopefully I will be able to get away with drawing while at work ^_^ if not bear with me, I?ll do my best on weekends. :S
Hopefully the new pages will go smoothly, there's some new material, a new beginning for Chapter 1, some characters are introduced a lot sooner, and that mysterious explosion in Chapter 2 is explained ^_^. Overall I think the new pages will make loads more sense ^_^

I've learned A lot from Round 1, lets hope I'll be more reliable on actually delivering pages on time (or at all) too.
Next page should be ready by Wednesday at best, or Friday at worst (well the absolute worst would be I never finish it *bonks self on head for negative thoughts* )

Till Later