F-00 - Humble Reintroductions

xdalekgreyx on Dec. 28, 2010

So, I managed to get a new comic in before the year ended. Woo.

2010 has been pretty eventful; I started a new comic, got interested into a real good comic (Talkin' to you, Gustaa :P), I started writing music, I got good at arranging music, and very recently, I've started to get an ear for music.

And to top all that I've lost the script. Yup. I'll be able to recover it some day and return to the original plan, but for now, enjoy this!

And since I seem to have missed this, credit goes to each whom ripped, edited, or made the sprites and various other artwork I use in this comic. Far too many individuals to list.

Last thing, I want this to be a collaborative story. Yup, you give me ideas and I'll retool them to use them. Either PQ me or drop something in the comments - this ‘Filler’ Saga needs a plot!