XNinjaRed on Sept. 28, 2008

Yeah, I know what you're all thinking.
“What?! A new Sonic comic?! Why not just continue with ”Another Sonic Comic“?!”
Here's my explanation.
You see, when I make new pages for Sonic College and Another Sonic Comic simultaneously, the quality of jokes and sprite editing, etc. etc. suffers for both because they both have kind of an original story made by me.
This comic is different. This comic is simply a retelling of the Sonic Franchise and thus I don't need to make up a new story and thus the quality of jokes won't suffer in any of them. Another reason why I suddenly make a new comic is because Sonic Collge has a bit of a different style of humor compared to Another Sonic Comic.
Sonic College's humor is more sitcom-ish while Another Sonic Comic relies on Video Game jokes. I can imagine there being a few fans who miss those kinds of jokes from Another Sonic Comic because I will continue it when Sonic Collge is done.
So this is pretty much something for some fans who are apperantly waiting for Another Sonic Comic's longawaited update.