Chapter 3 page 23

j giar on Feb. 4, 2009

(EDITORS NOTE: That'd be me. If your getting this page as the updated page be sure to click back to page 22. An error in storytelling, damn artists, has caused a glitch in the story. That has been rectified. SO for your viewing pleasure read page 22 and then this page. All will be right with the world, I will solve world hunger and bring piece to waring countries. Okay maybe not all that but….Jim Editor/artist and guy that messed up the page.)
So as much as I like this page..I'm left with a somewhat uncertain feeling. So I'll put this up and see what kind of feed back I get. We finally meet Koike ( who was mentioned way back in the park shoot out) who is the head of The Elite. Which explains all the tat wearin' mofo's we've seen through the story. And it also tells us a little more about Frank and who or what he is. A few more pages and we'll wrap up Chapter 3 and head into Chapter 4.
Since last week and the snow…We were told on the forcast that between Tues and Weds we'd receive 1-3 inches of new snow. Tuesday night as I sat in the studio inking this page, my wife came down and asked, “Have you looked outside?” I hadn't…“It's pouring snow!” I figured it'd be gone by morning…It wasn't. By the end of the day Weds. we had a total accumulation of 11 INCHES OF SNOW!!! Ugh…I….hate….snow….I…hate…Ohio.
So see everyone next week…put on your mucklucks. Stay warm. Brrrrr. Jim