Prelude : Cover

JakeNova on July 20, 2009

It's hard to tell, but this page actually IS in color. I've decided that, to set SpiritSong apart from other mangas, I'm going to color each page in a nice, simplistic, anime style. I was worried about doing this before because of time constraints, as well as the apparent inability to make “specials” for events and other things since it would already be in color. But since then I've developed a very distinct set of coloring levels, ranging from simple anime style, which the comic will be in, to a much more detail-oriented high level, which I can use for the “specials”.

Besides setting it apart, there are many other reasons that I've decided to do this in color, which I mostly can't go into because of spoilers, but you'll see even in this small prelude.

So enjoy the comic! I'll be updating with pages as soon as I'm able to. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to get on a schedule that you can all generally rely on.

Oh, and the quote on this page is my own invention, and has a lot to do with the theme and story of SpiritSong.