123 - "Wisdom"

Splash Damage on Oct. 20, 2010

So. I've got some stuff to say, so listen up:

Splash Damage may be undergoing some changes. I'm thinking of drawing it with pencil and inking it and whatnot. The same way I was going to draw This Dead Romance.

The reason being to practice doing that and because the drawings just look better (See “Soonish” in between 108 and 109 and compare to drawing around that time). I'd also be able to draw away from my computer, potentially meaning more updates.

Also, speaking of This Dead Romance, it probably won't go up on Drunk Duck. I've been thinking about that a lot. At best, we'd put sample pages up (definitely going to redo that cruddy cover), but I'm seriously going to try and get that published and story comics don't flow the same way when you have to click a button to flip the page anyway.

So that's that. Comment away.


So the other day we actually offended somebody with a comic 33 I think.
The way it offended him is nothing more than internet sensitivity, and he was too sensitive to be on the internet.

But looking back on this all, we've offended 1 person….
I can only be happy with this number if I know we appeal to more than 1 person.

I went through some changes of how I write stuff.
And upcoming splash damages will appeal to stuff more directly.
Less pervert Cody jokes, more mature writing process.

However Cody in the comic will never be fully mature,even as he gets deeper.
We still need a way to do little fillers.

-CoDy “Back on DD” LoVe