Roar Comics on June 16, 2018

The battle rages on, but, it seems as though the bad guys are being whittled down. There's been blood spilled on both sides.
Neutrino uses her gravity powers to give Enigma's stomach the sensation of 55 rollercoasters' worth of flips.
That is a LOT of barf!!
During the fight, Neutrino's inner monlogue breaks down the most fundamental aspect of my Prime Superhero Universe - supers are basically celebrities.
(In the modern age of Your Precious Internet, if talentless mannequins with big butts can get famous for making sex tapes and marrying insane musicians, then superpowers would, of course, generate media gods - particularly on the West Coast! Back when I was forming my main universe, my method of writing was, and mostly still is, taking what I HATE about the genre — which I honestly LOVE, btw — and do the opposite… whether I agree with the opposite thing or not. In THIS case, I DID agree with the opposing opinion.
The whole Marvel Universe “filthy muties” thing. I never understood it, other than the core idea of it being a ham-handed allegory for racism. I feel that if superpowers existed, especially in today's media-obsessed mindstate, they would be rockstars! Some folks would hate them, but most would be absolutely enamored with them.)
On the dark side of that concept, the supers THEMSELVES would be obsessed with pursuing celebrity, fame, fortune and notoriety.

PRISTINE (Neutrino's least favorite superhero) is a prime example of that.