ashtree house on Sept. 25, 2018

Hey everyone!

I regret to inform you that this comic will be taking (another) indefinite hiatus.

When I first started Steel & Manitou a couple of years ago, I was feeling bored and unsatisfied and creatively brain-dead. I kind of felt like the main character in Offie Space lol. I still do in some aspects. My job is quite tedious and repetitive (manual data entry) and I sometimes feel like a robot. I spontaneously decided to make a webcomic, because drawing used to bring me a lot of joy in high school. So this comic was supposed to be a creative outlet and let me be a kid again and have fun and MAGICAL adventures!!

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for this comic), it really reignited that creative passion in me and I decided to enroll at a local art university. I am going to pursue a career change, although I am not entirely sure what that looks like yet. I just know I don't want to do what I am doing or feel what I am feeling for another 30 some years. BUUUUT I am a part-time student (because you know, rent and stuff), which means I am working full time and doing evening/weekend classes. So sprinkle in homework and social engagements, and I am left with little time to work on this comic.

Because of re: impulsive comic due to circumstances above; I admit I did 0 planning for S&M (hehe) but have a lot of plans for it regardless. I am not sure if I will continue down the road or re-do it, but I don't intend to abandon the idea all together. For now, I want to focus on becoming a better artist.

I do plan to stick around though! Just less less less active then I already am lol. I might do some short story/experimental comics along my classes and education, and of course still read the comics I follow!

Thank you everyone!!

PS..Now can we talk about how everyone dresses in an art university?? I have been in the corporate world for too long, I look like a total narc D:

PSS..Thank you to everyone who nominated this comic for the Adventure category, this will likely affect the outcome.. but what can ya do!!