Chapter 1: Page 2

StopWatchers on July 4, 2017

Thank you Wikipedia for giving me Jack the Ripper’s other known aliases! Honestly I didn’t even know he had other names until I came across this page.

Jack the Ripper was obviously never caught, so no one really knows who he was. Doing some reading, people believe he might have been a doctor because of the precision of the cuts on his victims. I decided to run with that idea in the comic, writing him as a doctor from the future who traveled to the past to hideout after committing a string of murders in his own time. Unable to help himself he continues with his heinous acts in in 1888, until this moment when the Stop Watchers show up to stop him.
On this page Ryder is also introduced for the first time in the comic; the leader of this story’s trio of Stop Watchers.

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