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rickrudge on July 19, 2020

Strike Like a Spark from a Stone –

Our hero, Drako the barbarian gets a visit from his friend, Harsova and a small group of Europeans. Harsova is guiding these people North up the Step and needs Drako as extra protection. Drako can handle himself in a fight, but can he handle fighting off magic and sorcery?

Strike like a spark from a stone is taken from the “Blow Like a Spark From a Stone”, which is a sword technique from Miyamoto Musashi’s “Book of Five Rings”. The technique goes that, “If you are currently within a situation in which you and your opponent’s swords are to clash, you must strike extremely hard without raising your sword to any extent. This is the blow like a spark from a stone technique. If you are to perform this technique, you must firsts strike quickly with the three combined forces of your legs, your hands and your body. This blow will be rather difficult to perform if you do not train at it frequently. If you diligently train yourself, you will be able to increase the overall force of the technique’s impact.”

I dedicate this series to my lovely wife and muse. It is meant for mature readers and contains drugs, sex and violence, and is not “Office Safe”.

This series of comix is my first try at drawing with Koh-I-Noor Rapidosketch pens. Koh-I-Noor’s Rapidosketch pens are a very similar design to their Rapidograph technical pens. I’m using a .50 and a .25 thickness. I hope that you enjoy these.